• Chhattisgarh

    A Complete Travel Guide to Dholkal

    Have you heard of Dholkal? Do you know where exactly it is?If you are not from Chhattisgarh, I seriously doubt that you have even heard of it. In fact, until 2012, even people in Chhattisgarh didn’t know much about it.…

  • Tamda Ghumar Waterfall, near Jagdalpur, Bastar, Southern Chhattisgarh.

    7 Safety tips for your trip to Chhattisgarh

    Do you want to travel to Chhattisgarh? Not sure. I am giving you 5 Reasons why you should travel to Chhattisgarh right now! Ok, now you wonder if Chhattisgarh is safe? Based on my personal experience after living and traveling…

  • River rappelling at one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Southern Chhattisgarh, Phoolpad Waterfall.

    Is Chhattisgarh Safe for Tourists?

    “Are you mad?” “Have you gone crazy?” “I can’t believe you!” – these were the first reactions I got when I declared that I am going to explore Chhattisgarh. And then came – “Is it safe to travel in Chhattisgarh?”…